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Miracle Belt

Body Sculpting Pump-up Lace Bra

Body Sculpting Pump-up Lace Bra

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Body Sculpting Pump-up Lace Bra

The Body Sculpting Pump-up Lace Bra is the match between beautiful and useful, all advantage of a modeling belt in a bodysuit.

Model: Feminine sculpting bodysuit.

Indication: Posture correction, back pain relief, shape the waist,
helps draining body fat.


It has 12 silicone fins
acting directly in the localized fat
shaping your waist without hurting.

Every shape wear is made out of
post surgical fabric, high compression
fabric, wich helps in draining the body fat
reducing abdominals swelling.

The structure helps
correcting the posture,
which reduces back pain and discomfort,
bringing more life quality.

The shape wear is
ideal to be used daily,
reducing immediately up to 2
sizes. When used frequently, the belt
shapes the waist and relieves the back pain.


Do not fold and do not hurt
Post surgical fabric
Silicone fins 
High compression
No clothing marks 
Adjustable straps
Reinforced clasps


90,4% Poliamyde + 9,6 Spandex
12 Silicone fins 
High compression fabric
Rim support


Hand Wash with neutral soap
Dry it in the shade
Do not twist

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