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Shape Slim

Shape Slim

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The most powerful gel on the market was developed to increase skin circulation, combat sagging, cellulite with an orange peel appearance and assist in weight loss with a deep and prolonged action, remodeling the body.

Ideal for all skin types, Shape Slim is composed of super powerful actives that have a light texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin.


• Promotes increased local circulation;
• Decreases cellulite and orange peel appearance
• Helps to prevent and combat sagging and stretch marks
• Favors the elimination of fat cells;
• Helps to reduce fluid retention;
• It has moisturizing action;
• It has anti-inflammatory action;
• Helps in the dilation of blood vessels

Nano Caffeine - Highly concentrated nano encapsulated liquid caffeine, improves and potentiates blood microcirculation acting against cellulite and localized fat.

Centella Asiatica Extract: Fights cellulite and localized fat, as it has a regulatory action on connective tissue, balancing the production of collagen fibers.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract: Helps promote skin elasticity and contributes to cell recovery. It reduces the puffy appearance and promotes cell circulation, helping to restore the skin to a rested and luminous appearance.

Guarana Extract: Antioxidant activity capable of delaying oxidative degradation reactions. With stimulating and ergogenic action, it stimulates metabolism decongesting the skin.

Menthol: Extracted from mint, menthol applied to the skin helps dilate blood vessels causing a feeling of cold

Horse Chestnut Extract: Rich in antioxidants, it relieves the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, helping to treat varicose veins.

Pro-Active: 100% natural blend of essential oils. Provides pleasure and well-being during and after application. It promotes drainage when applied to the body, contributing to the activation of blood microcirculation.

HOW TO USE: Apply on the skin with circular movements, massaging until the product is completely absorbed.
The action of the massage promotes thermodynamic effect ensuring its action of the thermo gel and the desired benefits of the product, its texture is light and it is quickly absorbed by the skin.

PRECAUTIONS: Product for external use. Keep out of the reach of children. It is not recommended to use on sensitive areas such as face, breasts and groin. Do not apply on irritated skin. In case of irritation, discontinue use and seek medical advice.
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